Health Care Providers: Register your organization

If you provide medical care to an injured worker whose claim is handled by SIF, you may request access to the Medical Provider secure portal for selected individuals within your organization. The portal provides access to EOBs, bills, claim status, and examiner contact information.

To request access as a Provider Administrator user, download, complete and submit the Health Care Provider Web Access Authorization Form . The form must include your SIF Provider number and be signed by an owner or managing authority. Administrators will have the ability to create, modify, and delete other users within the organization. There can be more than one Administrator.

Upload the completed form from the website or submit by email to webfax@idahosif.org.

If you need access and are not an owner or managing authority, please contact them first. They can submit the form on your behalf granting administrator privileges or if they have administrator access, can create a user account for you.

A new form is required to add other associated provider numbers to an existing user account.